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In the air conditioning Group Co. Ltd is a backbone enterprise in Shandong beilaite group, large air conditioning Group Co. Ltd is engaged in China central air-conditioning products manufacturing enterprises is one of the earliest development, Chinese central air-conditioning industry witness and participant. After nearly 20 years of unremitting efforts and continue to grow, now in the air-conditioning company has become the domestic central air-conditioning industry the largest and highest level of technology, the most powerful and most complete product category of central air-conditioning products manufacturers. The company has built a commercial air conditioning production line, the highest level of modern production line, the domestic air-conditioning terminal equipment production line more than 30, with all kinds of fine tip equipment more than 5000, an annual output of more than 300 thousand sets of central air-conditioning equipment, central air-conditioning industry is worthy of the name of the Chinese carrier class enterprises.
At present, large air conditioning products have formed a series of production, with BRV intelligent home central air-conditioning, central air conditioning, the frequency of water storage family central air-conditioning, commercial wind machine, water cooled screw chiller, air-cooled water chiller unit, full liquid type ground source heat pump unit, fan coil, air processor, cooling tower, fan, central air conditioning engineering accessories such as more than 20 series of nearly 1500 product categories, including air-cooled module series, BRV series, large screw units and surface mounted coil series has become the central air-conditioning market best-selling products, with its perfect design concept of energy efficiency and superior than the favor and praise of customers around the world.
In the air conditioning group as an outstanding representative of the modern enterprise, always adhere to the spirit of the times, in the air conditioning group in the industry's first implementation of the enterprise information management, construct the IT LAN and WAN, the use of business distribution system, office automation system, financial management system, budget system, human resources management, logistics and distribution system system six information management system, the full realization of the computer management of the business of the company, achieve resource sharing and unity, so that the management of the company has been fully upgraded. Under the guidance of the concept of standardization of production, in the same industry took the lead in the adoption of ISO9001 international quality system certification, ISO14001 international environmental system certification and CCC certification. Thus formed the modern production pattern with ISO9001 quality management system as the main body and computer technology as the means.
A huge sound marketing network is an efficient carrier of modern products to the world, currently in the country has built a number of offices responsible for sales, customer service and other issues, establish and improve the service function of the office of the customer file mechanism, make the whole process of "no worries" service has been completely implemented. Deep in the domestic market at the same time, large companies to actively respond to international challenges, and actively participate in international exchanges and competition, become the long-term partner of Germany IKK, Italy MCE, American AHR show, on the premise of broad participation in international cooperation, in the air conditioning company established offices in the United States, Italy, Middle East, Australia other countries and regions or sales outlets, now the company's international sales pattern has been kicked off and initial results. Up to now, the large and medium-sized air conditioning in the world already has nearly 20 thousand model projects, highlighting the large air conditioning generous, big pattern and big future.
In the air conditioning Group Co. Ltd., as a corporate citizen and China modern counterparts, he experienced market and amidst the winds of change also feel a surge of ups and downs, the industrial development of the passion and brilliant glory, now she has fully matured, facing the new opportunities and challenges, in adults with a generous attitude to look far ahead from a high plane and forge ahead, as the industry continued to upgrade, diligently strive after the implementation, the revival of the Chinese nation is home to harmony and beauty, and!


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